OMG the floor is lava! Close

Jul 2017

OMG the floor is lava!

A new game is trending on the internet and is called “The Floor is Lava”. Using its momentum, Leo Burnett Brussels produced a video that raises awareness about the victims of land mines in collaboration with Handicap International. Check it out & most importantly share share share ☺

Don’t lie to yourself! Close

Dec 2016

Don’t lie to yourself!

You can’t drink & drive. To demonstrate this we created the ‘Safety spin’ challenge in parking lots in Leuven, which received a lot of PR coverage. The first of more activations to come for the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev. Together we will strive for ‘smart drinking’ behaviour in 2017.

Digital signatures for Belfius Close

Nov 2016

Digital signatures for Belfius

Belfius introduced opening a bank account with your smartphone in only 5 minutes by simply placing your signature. To demonstrate this new application, we made an interactive version of the video clip ‘What is Love’ by Lost Frequencies. Throughout the video your personal signature will pop-up so everyone get a personalized video clip with their own signature.

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We help you complete your Panini collection, you help Missing Children Europe. Close

Jul 2016

We help you complete your Panini collection, you help Missing Children Europe.

The EC might be over, but everyone is still looking for the missing soccer stickers to complete their Panini album. We have used this Panini-hype to launch a campaign for Missing Children Europe. In a print advertisement and an online movie we see someone completing a sticker album with stickers of missing children. Of course, this album is not really for sale, but you can order your missing stickers for your Panini via The money you pay for those, goes entirely to Missing Children Europe to support them in their search for missing children.

Illustrating Belgian entrepreneurships

Nov 2016

Illustrating Belgian entrepreneurships

To demonstrate that Belfius helps out Belgian entrepreneurs making their dream come true, we made a campaign focusing on their personal success stories. We translated these stories into an illustration that represents both their business and their personal lives

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We bring the Facebook ‘reactions’ live to life! Close

Jun 2016

We bring the Facebook ‘reactions’ live to life!

We turned the six well-known ‘reactions’ of Facebook into genuine Devils-supporters for Samsung, proud sponsor of Red Devils. If there is one thing that true supporters would never miss, it must be the matches of their heroes. For the occasion, we put in motion our special Newsroom, where our dedicated team of Social Content Managers, creatives, designers, accounts and client follow de matches of the Belgian Red Devils and react to every important event in real time. After the first two matches our little digital supporters have built up a loyal fan club of their own. Space was responsible for the media part.

With Think-Pink, we see breasts everywhere! Close

Jun 2016

With Think-Pink, we see breasts everywhere!

Some weeks ago, we were pleased to receive the Medialaan Fairtime Award for Think-Pink. A priceless gift for the national association that fights for a better awareness of breast cancer. So, now they can spread the important message that women should have their breasts examined regularly. Because women tend to neglect this important appointment in their ever so busy lives, we ask men to remind them to do so. Everyone knows, men have a very special relationship with breasts. They are inexhaustible about them, they see them everywhere. This is the basis of this campaign, which has since been produced and broadcasted on all Medialaan TV and radio channels.

We share the excitement! Close

May 2016

We share the excitement!

What’s better than being able to live and share together the excitement around the Euro 2016? Thanks to Samsung products, you can follow, post, share, listen, watch and enjoy the Red Devils’ performances. Samsung being a very proud sponsor of our national team, we created the campaign “Share the Excitement”, with a movie that highlights the close relationship between our Devils and their supporters. Shorter versions of the movie are aimed for television, sponsoring and pre-rolls. We also developed print and outdoor campaigns as well as a big digital one with a social panel that invites people to practice the concept “Share the Excitement”.

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Feb 2016


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