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AB Inbev

Don’t lie to yourself!

You can’t drink & drive. To demonstrate this we created the ‘Safety spin’ challenge in parking lots in Leuven, which received a lot of PR coverage. The first of more activations to come for the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev. Together we will strive for ‘smart drinking’ behaviour in 2017.

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Think Pink

With Think-Pink, we see breasts everywhere!

Some weeks ago, we were pleased to receive the Medialaan Fairtime Award for Think-Pink. A priceless gift for the national association that fights for a better awareness of breast cancer. So, now they can spread the important message that women should have their breasts examined regularly. Because women tend to neglect this important appointment in their ever so busy lives, we ask men to remind them to do so. Everyone knows, men have a very special relationship with breasts. They are inexhaustible about them, they see them everywhere. This is the basis of this campaign, which has since been produced and broadcasted on all Medialaan TV and radio channels.

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The quest for Belgium's most remote post box

How to announce the launch of a new Jeep? By driving it where it belongs. We captured the ride to the post box and the posting of the direct mailing. Recipients got a paper mailing with a web link or QR code directing towards the online film. Both proof of the Jeep brand DNA and a remarkable invitation for the Belgian launch of the new Jeep Compass.